Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful Black Painted Vintage Table!

No need to look for a new table.  A beautiful vintage one has been updated to fit in the modern to vintage decorated home!
Available to purchase at my shop in
Longview, called "WOW and THEN".
price $275., great price for a solid, wood vintage table!      op Fri -  Sun 12-5 call 403 9226888


  1. this makes me cringe!
    teak is so lovely. why would anyone want to paint it??? all you need to do is oil it!

  2. This table is so pretty. So glad you saved it from the landfill. Black is a hot new trend. Those old fuddy's have to learn to get over painting wood. Thankfully the world is full of different tastes & styles and we don't all have that same style of decor, that would be so boring.