Monday, January 04, 2010

Here it is 2010, and here in Southern Alberta, it is picture card beautiful, with snow and frost covered images, making one wish they could take a picture at every turn in the road. Especially on the way from Calgary to Longview. The beauty is awe inspiring helping make winter seem a little more than just bearable.

The Wow and Then Shop will be open Friday - Sunday, 12ish - 5sih, from January through to end of April. Then we add on Thursday.
The weather is always a variable to our hours,
so it always good to call ahead and check to see
if I made it out there.

Many items including furniture will be sale priced, and
we always have new items coming in.

Please stop in if you are in the area! We invite our guest to try a sample of our hot apple cider, as we sell the Mulling Spices. Looking forward to seeing you and helping you with
your home decor needs!


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