Saturday, December 04, 2010

Lists, not the to do kind but the, I like... kind

With Christmas a few short weeks away.. I was reminded by another blogger of lists... I remember when my children were little, that was the only way I could get through the season.. but now they are grown.. so rather than a list of things to do... this is a list of why I like.... This time of year.

~ the music of the season, fun kinds and the very melodic Christmas stories in music, they are reminders of the past Christmas's as a child and with my own children, church choirs and school choirs
~ the lights... there is a magical glow about Christmas lights... in the country  from a distance they are like beacons to travellers, welcoming them in..I wish they could be on all year
~ the aroma of the real Christmas Tree... nothing like it...
~ the house filled with the scent of cookies baking
~ the fun of finding treasures for my boys... now grown and my nieces and nephew
~ The Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph... even at my age
~ most of all I LOVE how that first Christmas came to be, and what it means to me


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