Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cabin Feaver - Cure

Winter in ALBERTA can seem long and never ending... especially this year.
For those who are outdoor enthusiasts.. this can be a good thing, but for those
not so inclined you have to discover ways to brighten the days.  Visiting local garden nurseries helps as they are now providing some colorful additions like the little primulas, hyacinths and even crocuses.  If you live in the city of Calgary there are numerous choices of enjoyable drives that will cure that hemmed in feeling in no time.  The sun is noticeabley up longer making the drive home much more pleasant.   Soon it will be March and in no time summer will be here.. Embrace each day!! 


  1. Oh my!! Why are all the adorable shops so far from where I live!Found your blog through Inspirational Home facebook page! Planning to follow along your lovely-ness.
    Hope you dears warm up soon!

  2. Hi Sandy: thanks for stopping by.. it seems to me that all the great little shops are down in the south of here.. thats why blogging and facebook is such a great way of connecting.. Looking forward to sharing a bit of my life and life in Alberta, Canada....