Monday, July 25, 2011


I remember as child.. the hot humid days of summer in Manitoba.  Before we had central air in the house or air conditioning in the car.  Our means of keeping cool was the furnace fan and having a kiddie pool in the back yard, and hanging a towel in the window of the car to keep the sun out.   When visiting out at my grandparents farm, my cousins and I would venture into the adjacent creek.. much to my grandfathers shegrin.. as it would stir up the mud bottom.  But it was good fun and cooled us off to boot.  
Those were the simpler times.. not too complicated and of course as a child you tended to look at things through rose colored glasses.  So glad to have those sweet memories of the Lazy Daze of Summer.  Hope you have some too.
I have borrowed this photo, as it reminds me of a cool spot on a hot summer day.. a place where I would love to be sitting and sipping Iced Tea..                  


  1. Looks like a sweet spot to sit!...We have such a cool summer, haven't had more than two days in a row of heat yet...maybe in August?

  2. Oh my goodness that looks like such a nice place to sit and enjoy the outdoors... I can see why you liked it. From the comment above it sounds like you are having the kind of Summer I wish we were having... LOL We've had 90+ degree days for 2 months with heat indexes in the 100's for half that time... Am really looking forward to Fall here!

  3. We have had a short but wonderful summer and by the looks of things.. is going to continue for a while.. so we are going to enjoy every minute of it..