Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January the first month of the year brings to mind, snow, cold and sunshine.  Oh and yes.. my reminder of becoming another year older.   This January however has been springlike with my first ever snowless and warm birthday.
That in itself is a gift making winter seem that much shorter.

vintage high boy distressed paint  $195.

Antique ceiling tiles $50. ea

Vintage Erector set  $85.
 I have been hunting and gathering over the Christmas break for both the shop and The Vintage Chicks sale in June  looking for those Wow factor pieces.. for home and garden.  Some have arrived at the shop and well.. there will be sneak peeks  for later additions.  New products arrive weekly and you will find decorator items along with collector pieces.  Never be afraid to ask.. as you never know what I have stashed behind the door.   

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