Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting Ready

In 2 short weeks The Vintage Chicks sale will be upon us.  That means for myself, and some 30 other vendors we  are busy getting our last minute projects prepped, painted, tweeked and priced.  This year's line up will please every level of interest - from the newbie into vintage to the most passionate of buyers. 
There promises to be something for everyone and the location makes for a memorable experience.  If you plan on coming please think about car pooling.
This is a sample of  the unique items you will find at the sale!!


  1. Hope the rain and wind will pass and it will be a sunny weekend. Travelling from Edmonton with a friend, have been wanting to attend for two years, so this year we are coming, umbrellas in hand. Anyone selling cool 'wellies' - rubber boots, or should I buy them here?! Looking forward to meeting you ladies!

  2. If you have some boots may want to bring them.. but we are hoping for a great evening and day.. and this year we have a large event tent to cover our outdoor vendors and shoppers.. look forward to meeting you too!!!