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WHAT'S BEHIND THE VILLAGEby Pam Mikolayenko on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 1:29pm

Seeing as my shop Wow and Then, is located in the Village of Longview, Alberta,... here is a summary of the history of the village..

Located in an area that the Indians once used for hunting and gathering, Longview originally was a small community hamlet that was established at the turn of the century to service the many farms and ranches
After oil was discovered in Turner Valley in 1914 the area boomed and "Little New York" was born. The community eventually shifted a few miles west of it's present location and re-assumed the name Longview. The population swelled to an unbelievable 2500 in the oil days.
In the 1940's, as the petroleum industry declined in Longview and surrounding area, so did a large portion of the population that depended on the oilpatch for a living. Longview's long standing position in the area allowed it to survive and it pushed for and received local government in the 1960's
Currently, Longview is home to 334 residents and growing. It not only stands as an important service community but also as a "gateway" to the Kananaskis, one of the most beautiful tourism zones in Alberta.

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