Sunday, January 09, 2011

Learning - A lifelong process

Just celebrated another year older yesterday.... still in the learning curve; about myself, you'd think that when you get to be over mid century you'd have it figured out.. I hope to try and continue to be a life long learner... to be forgiving, even though at times undeserved... to be more loving... even though not loved back and to be more thoughtful when others appear thoughtless and when I am overwhelmed to be more trusting... and to be ever grateful... because I have been blessed with so much.

I happened on this wonderful line that I have borrowed in the hopes to continue to inspire:

Let the beauty of what you LOVE be what you DO"


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  1. Dear Pam,
    Give it another 10 yrs and then you'll figure that all along it's been all about you, what you love, what you do, what your passion is...and you don't have to fret about what anyone else thinks or are OF THE AGE to trust your instincts, your mind, your visions!!!! 60, what have you got to lose!!!!