Monday, November 07, 2011

Christmas is more than just a Day

As we anticipate the celebration of December 25th,  the season has taken on its full essence at Wow and Then.  The outside of the shop is now decked in greenery and even our mascot bear is sporting a white garland scarf.  With the announcement of impending snow last Thursday.. I spent the afternoon enjoying the last of the warm autumn air putting fall away and stringing up winter and Christmas decor.  Then.. the pretty snowflakes made the scene complete.  Inside it is warm and cozy with the scent of pine boughs and the glimmer of vintage balls and decor filling the rooms.  It brings me great joy to use my creativity and finds to decorate and persuade my visitors of their beauty and welcomed addition to their homes.  If you too enjoy the whole experience of preparing for Christmas.. you will enjoy taking your time in Wow and Then, Thursday - Sunday 12ish - 5ish.  I will have the coffee on ...

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  1. You have such a way with words.....and your great finds and decorating skills!!! Twisted my arm more than a few times.......MERRY CHRISTMAS AT WOW AND THEN!!