Thursday, December 01, 2011


Here it is December 1st, 2011.. 24 days till Christmas.. and 30 days till a new year begins.  Where does the time go.  It goes into the places, things and people that we hold dear and love.  This past year has been one of growth and learning in many ways.. and I await to see what challenges and adventures lie ahead with anticipation.  Wow and Then is and has been a sharing of what I love and desire to share with my guests and  friends.  It is a place that contains bits of history, nostalgic treasures, and a place that encourages you to fill your homes with personality and comfort !!!  To each of you who has taken the time to stop by and support me.. you are why I am  here and continue to do what I love.. Thank you!

December hours       OPEN    Monday  December 19th - Friday December 23rd  12ish-5ish
                                  CLOSED  December 24th   - January  4th 2012

                                    OPEN    Thursday January 5th, 2012   12ish - 5ish

As the star led the 3 wisemen of long ago.... may that too be my journey!!!

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