Thursday, July 04, 2013


July 4th, 2013  is here and to my neighbours and family to the south  this is a big day of celebrating.. sending you  much happiness as you join together and  partake.!!!

Here in Canada we  too have celebrated our Birthday  on July 1 !!! Happy Birthday to our beautiful country !!!

So much has happened in the past 2 weeks that it is almost a blur.  

First of all we for the past year have been preparing for our vintage sale in Priddis, Vintage With Flair, that was June 21 and June 22.    Little did we know that those dates would be significant in the history of southern Alberta.
As we were in the midst of preparations, setting up and getting ready to join together with like minded talented vendors and excited shoppers and friends, the rains and melting snow in our magnificent Rocky Mountains were  in process of emptying into the valleys beyond.    That impact has changed the world in many of our towns, villages and cities significantly forever.   Flooding has devastated and displaced so many and rebuilding is in the process.  We  pray that the resources, energy and hope will continue to flow to those affected and working to restore a new normalcy to the many whose lives have been turned upside down.  

Wow and Then will be hosting a Pop Up Market,  featuring many of the vendors and friends that were unable to participate in the Vintage With Flair sale.  The  market  will be on Wow and Then's parking lot, July 20th 9 -4 pm..   There will also be a silent auction of donated pieces, vintage, created, etc.  and proceeds will be donated to the #ALBERTA FLOOD RELIEF.   This particular weekend is what's known as Little New York Days in the village of Longview; there is a parade at 10 am on Saturday and as the  procession begins  traffic is actually detained for its duration; a suggestion is  to just relax and enjoy and then stop by our market on the south side of town.   This is an opportune time to take in a small taste of what you might have missed at Vintage With Flair!!! Take a ride out to Longview..  please note  that the bridge is still out presently between Turner Valley and Black Diamond..  so travel will need to be through Okotoks on Hwy #7 to Hwy #22 The Cowboy Trail, south at Black Diamond to Longview.. Thank-You!!!

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