Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Spring seems to be when we at Wow and Then get the urge to go on a road trip for "hunting" for treasure.   Kind of like birds taking their yearly pilgrimage north or south depending on the season.  It is the season of change, renewal, new life and hints of color resurfacing, depending on which direction you drive.  We have our favorite haunts, that most often the unusual decorating uniquities  for inside or out, surface.  I like to try to see past the "same old" kind of pieces and dig for the unusual, or most unlikely.  Those are the pieces that inspire me or cause me to see another purpose.. It might be their color, or lack thereof and  crusty from time.   With summer planting just around the corner I will be watching for galvanized, tin, wood, enamel and painted finds to showcase the myriad of colors.   Decorating outdoors is popular for even the most novice of gardeners, and here in southern Alberta, portable gardens are a perfect solution to the very changeable weather patterns sometime within hours;  allowing for removal to shelter or cover.   As we are located in Cowboy Country, western memorabilia is always on our list of must haves.  So our sights are set on a treasure hunt of vintage, garden, rusty, western, and the unusual and of course just as importantly a  change of scenery.

Please call ahead to make sure we are open. as we will have a shortened work week.. thank you..     403   9226888.


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