Monday, July 23, 2012


One of the most common questions I get at the shop  is "Where do you find all this great stuff?"(I added great.. as that IS what it is .. or am I "Well," I say, " It comes from a host of nooks and crannies, creators and cottage industries; sometimes pieces have traveled hundreds of miles and have been lovingly repaired, polished and/or given a new coat of color to bring a hidden gem back to life.  Each piece has been hand chosen and is placed in a spot to highlight its patina and desirability.  As our mission is to inspire  reusing, repurposing and reintroducing vintage, refound and recreated uniquities, nothing in the shop is ordered on mass.  Everything in our space  from the  outside to the inside has been given a purpose.  We love our first timers and I welcome sharing my soapbox of shopping local, small  business, taking your time and making your space unique and full of personality.   I thank each one for making the effort to drop in  hope that they have enjoyed their stay.. If you are in the area I welcome you to take some time for a drive and stop in.   You never know what you will discover.:)

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