Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here it is 25 of September.. that means 3 months till ChRIsTMAs!!  seems hard to believe, but the calendar doesn't fib.  This month has still felt like summer which is okay with me.. although I must admit that today here in the north  I had my winter TIRES put on.  Only because I was already getting an oil change so .. better early than  .. You Know.. not hoping just saying when I drive the highways I like to know I'm feel safe.   Enough of that..   Summer brought I believe the most visitors on record to my little shop from all over the globe including my home land and that of my good neighbour to the south.   We had Great fun sharing stories of where they had been and going and my trying to help with directions and places they might enjoy local. From honeymooners to cyclists who's home was Berlin cycling with their 1 year old daughter, cycling  from Vancouver to Alaska and then all the way to Patagonia.   WOW!!   that is one I won't forget.   My uniquities and pieces in the shop seem to entice many a browser wanting a bit of Alberta to go home with them.   My local and regular friends and shoppers make it a habit to stop in  and too find my pieces have a spot in their homes.  It has been a delight.. and I continue to peruse for uniquties of many kinds that are fabricated on the most part this side of the ocean.. unless they have been refound.   My husband and I just made a road trip to visit family in Winnipeg and then scooted down into Minnesota and over a bit into Wisconsin.. We were able to take in JUNK BONANZA and had a blast.. and of course we have come with a mountain of sweet finds.. It will take me a month to put them out and inventory them all.. but that means there will always be new additions when you visit.

May you enjoy each season as it comes and take pleasure in the simple things each day brings!!      

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